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  Sterling Hyde Park, Devanahalli - Vijaypura Road

Sterling Hyde Park, definitely lives up to this epithet! Devanahalli, A familiar name for many not only in Bangalore but across the seven seas too. Courtesy, the International Airport. Bangalore has witnessed a brand new destination for the elite and discerning. The booming economy, the Globetrotter, the Foreign Delegates, the Frequent International Flyers and the IT sector has indeed fueled the expansion of our Garden City.

This initiative by the Government has aided in a high class infrastructural development in the Northern part of Bangalore (Devanahalli). While the road infrastructure is already in place (NH 7), the new Elevated Roads, and Bridges at intersections and bottlenecks makes it easier to commute. Reaching the site takes only 20 minutes from Mekhri Circle. Located about 10 minutes from International Airport on the Devanahalli Vijayapura Road. Nandi Hills is not far away.